Monday, March 6, 2017

A Winter Wonderland

After our precious snow day, we woke up to a marshmallow world in the winter!!  Everything was still lightly dusted with white, crunchy ice and the kids couldn't wait to get back outside.. Did I mention how much of a miracle this was?!  We had had such a mild winter; it was the biggest shock to all of us that snow not only had fallen, but had lasted through the night and was still hanging around the next day!!  Thank You, Lord, for Your loving kindness!!

 But first - school!  We had been learning about the early pioneers and how they had built their wooden canoes from hollowed out tree trunks, their dolls made out of corn husks, and their log cabins with windows made out of oiled wax paper.  Of course, we wanted to see what oiled wax paper looked like..

And while it was still not super transparent, the oil did make it shinier and allowed more light to pass through.  Such a neat experiment.. and made us especially thankful for our glass windows.  I mean, who even thinks about being grateful for things like that?!

After school, I got busy with housework and eventually, came to find these two dressed to the nines..

Hahaa, Andrew and his bow tie!!  Apparently, they wanted to match and got dressed up entirely by themselves!! They were pretending to be Cinderella and Prince Charming. :))

Is this not the total essence of fairy tale dreamland?!  She looks just like a little princess, especially with her single shoe on!!

The little prince trying to catch his girl.  ((And y'all, this was all totally of their own invention!!  I just enjoyed snapping pictures and listening to their pretend world!!))

He caught her!!  He found her!!

So much sweetness right here.

We headed outside where Savannah wanted a few pictures in the ice..

She found icicles dangling off the roof, so we had to get a few of them down!!

Grant liked to lick his icicle, hahaa!!

My little Elsa girl.

Samuel's new thing when I tell him to smile, ha!!  HAM!!

Afterwards, we warmed up inside by finishing our read aloud - this modified version of Anne of Green Gables!! While they liked the book okay, I think that if you aren't totally in love with Anne, you must not have understood it correctly, ha!!  We will try again in a few years so they can completely grasp the greatness of Anne.. the movie was even less exciting to them than the book, ughhhh.

Silly little Grant.

Because Pops and Grammie were in Israel when it snowed here, sweet Andrew wanted to save some for them!!

Here is his magical ice plant that he found by himself and wanted to save so his Grammie and Pops could see what they had missed!!  Hahaa, it's literally nothing but a frozen weed, but to him, it was the most important thing in the world.. and I loved him so much for it!  Move over, frozen broccoli and bag of blueberries in my freezer - this muddy plant is getting a prime spot until Pops and Grammie get back.
And they DID come back, just a few days later!!  I took pictures of their exciting return and have those coming up next!! :))

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  1. That is so sweet that he saved the plant and rescued his princess!!!!


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