Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Birthday Weekend - Part 1

To celebrate Wade and Andrew's birthdays this January, we took a trip to Toledo Bend.  No planning.  No schedule.  Just a few free days with nothing to do but hike trails, go fishing, and smell the flowers.

My goal for this trip was to find the different in the ordinary.  Instead of taking the same pictures that I usually do, I wanted to find some things that made this trip unique.

The kids picked up sticks and threw them in the lake on a rainy and cloudy day.. It felt like we were the only people in the world and I loved it.

We walked through the wet sand and crunchy pine straw around to the 'tide pools' where the tadpoles were a'swimming.

We found a kumquat tree in the garden..

..and we all picked one out to eat.

Andrew loved his!! ;)

We definitely looked homeless on these excursions, HA!!  But we were alone.  In the woods by the lake. Just Mommy and Daddy and 4 little bear cubs.  It was delightful.

Except for when we saw signs like this, hahaa!!

While all the other trees were brown from winter, this tree was still bright and green and reminded us of a huge Christmas tree!!

We've passed this tree a million times, but just by giving it more than a passing glance, we recognized how beautiful it really was and appreciated our Creator for it.

So we stopped and rested for a while there.. before Wade, Andrew, and Grant played a little ball on the hill.

We walked down the golf cart trail to find this... a ninja turtle hole!!

Helloooo,  Michelangelooooo!!

Samuel's poor feet were so tired after walking all morning in his boots that his sweet daddy carried him all the way home.. smelly feet and all.

Did you know this is what the inside of a golf ball looks like?!

That afternoon, the babies and I snuggled at home (they took naps and I watched a little Food Network ;)) while Wadie and the big kids went fishing off the dock..

No sunshine.  No boat.  No problems.

We didn't even plan meals for this trip.. Wade just went to the store and picked up what he could find.  And truly, he couldn't have done better if he'd tried.  Mommas, it pays to teach your boys how to cook.  I'm living proof of the joy it brings to their wife!!
I know I preach all the time about slowing down and living the simple life.  Y'all, there's just nothing better.  
Forget the school lessons, let's sit at the dock and cast a line.  
Let's pass on the house cleaning, just this once, and yell for our ninja turtle friends down the manhole instead. 
 I'll put the kids to bed early.. you grab two Cokes and I'll meet you on the couch where we can listen to the rain and talk about all we did today, dream about all we'll do tomorrow, and remember that this was how life was meant to be, a gracious gift from a good, good Father.


  1. I love your testimony to the simple life! Yes, God is a good, good, good Father! Love, Mom

  2. When I was little I loved to take a plastic cup and try to see how many tad poles I could scoop with it, dump it out, and keep trying!! I think andrew and van would love that!!


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