Saturday, March 25, 2017

Birthday Weekend - Part 2

While at the camp, Andrew officially turned 6 years old on January 17!!  Can I tell you happy we all were to wake up with no where to go and nothing to do but whatever we wanted?!  Praise be to Jesus!!  

Wade treated us all to this little creation and it became one of my most favorite things to eat during this pregnancy!!  Salty, full of bread and meat, and so delicious!!

Vannie loved her sausage and egg biscuit, too!!

Wade woke Andrew up and held him just like he did 6 years ago in the hospital..

To our sweet firstborn son that we love so much, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

After our yummy breakfast, we wanted to take a little morning hike. It was drizzling, but that wasn't a problem for our little people who don't mind a homemade poncho!!

Grant was least excited about his, ha!!  We didn't stay out for too long, but we did walk through the woods, singing in the rain, and enjoying every soaking wet minute of it.

We got home, dried off, and headed to Many for lunch!!  It was PIZZA time for our birthday boy!!

We had the Pizza Hut buffet (yessssss!) and then went to Walmart where Andrew picked out a few things he wanted.  He couldn't have been happier.. just look at that smile!!

When we got back home, it was time for dessert..  Sprinkle cookies for all of us!!

Singing 'Happy Birthday' to our favorite Big Drew!!

Love you, my little bear bear.

Wade had sneakily gotten Andrew a few unknown surprises while we had been out in town.. Andrew was so excited about his little presents!!

The kids had been asking for this game SINCE CHRISTMAS.  It's the most ridiculous thing ever, but their excitement about it made it too good to pass up.  Vannie and Brother both couldn't wait to playyyy!!

Silly Grant!

It's not much, but all that fun made this sweet boy beam.

For the rest of the night, these big 3 went upstairs and played Pop the Pig!! I love having kids that are getting older and can actually play a board game together..  it's just going to get more fun from here!!  I'm so excited!!!

Wadie and I sat downstairs and gobbled up this dinner.  SO YUM.

The next morning, we woke up to lots of rain and fog..

Between the storms, we ran down to the pier and the boys did a little fishing.

And although it was wet, rainy, and cold, Wade was still able to catch a fish!!

Vannie is getting more and more brave every time she's at the camp.  Just look at that girl holding that slimy fish!!

Helloooo, fishy, fishy, fishy.

There was no beautiful sunset to watch this trip!!  Only clouds and choppy waters. And somehow, it was still so lovely.

6 years ago, this is what we were doing:

And suddenly, we're here.  And all we did was blink.

When Samuel woke up from his nap, he curled up in Van's lap and just laid there for the longest time. I could tell this made Vannie feel so proud and so big!!  It was the sweetest!

That night, we needed dessert.  And while this is pretty much against all we believe in (ha!!), Wade drove to town, picked up a beautiful Mrs. Smith's peach cobbler and ice cream, and we. pigged. out.

Celebrating Wadie's last night of being 30!!

Snuggling and playing right before bed.. Nighty night, my precious boys. 

The next morning, Wade turned 31!! The kids had picked out a card and a little prize for him, and they loved getting to surprise him with it that morning.

I think we all ate chocolate candy as part of our breakfast, ha..  Maybe that's why Brother and I look so crazy?!  Hahaa!!
We rested and watched the rain on repeat this weekend.  While we had plans for lots of outdoor walks and trail hikes, it turned into more of a coffee and nap retreat.. An excuse to stay indoors, cozy and warm and dry, and just take in doing nothing.  It was glorious, ha!!  Such a beautiful and wonderful birthday weekend away with my most favorite party of Pooles.

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