Friday, March 31, 2017

It's a... GRAND SLAM!!!!!

On January 25, at 1:00 pm, I had an appointment to find out the gender of our fifth baby!!

Jen and the twins, as well as my mom, joined us for the big reveal!!

So blessed to be parents for the 5th time!!  Tired, yes. Bored, never.  Blessed, beyond a doubt.

Our first picture as a family knowing that we were adding a baby BOYYYYYYYYY to our party!!!

Although she was sad about not getting a baby sister after all, I was proud of how quickly she adjusted and became excited about a new little brother!!

"MORE BABYS The more FUN!!!!! SAVANNAH7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
((I let Savan caption this picture.. I love that sweet girl.))

We're adding another ball player to the lineup and we can't wait!!
Baseball, football, basketball, soccer.. we're coming for you!! We'll be the ones with the sweetest cheerleader, the four toughest boys, and a mom and dad who couldn't be prouder of our family team!! 

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  1. Dear Lissie , we are so happy about our new grandson on the way!! Another mighty warrior for the kingdom of God !! Love , Mom


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