Friday, March 3, 2017

Our Snow Day!!

During the first week of January 2017, something AMAZING happened.  The kids prayed all winter to see it snow here and I was so thankful when God chose to answer them with a big YES!!! Don't you just love when children ask the Lord for something specific, something seemingly difficult and unlikely, and then they get to see Him answer it so clearly??  That snow was one of the sweetest gifts to us and we started off our year giving thanks to our God who is in charge of the wind, the waves, and the weather!!

Look at Vannie's happy face!!!  And Brother trying to catch some of those flurries on his tongue, hahaa!!

First icy snow of the winter!!

Drew immediately got to work making snowballs. ;))

A snow day definitely calls for a fire!!!  These boys loved running outside to bring in more logs and throwing them on the pile!!

The snow made for some cooooold, but happy, happy children!!

Samuel's first snow!!!

And his facial expressions here explain exactly how he was feeling about it:

He stomped and slid around.. and LOVED it!!

Hahahaa, my little Grant was "soooo told!!"

3 little man cubs.

Have you ever seen such faces of bliss?!!  Their snowball fight was one of my most favorite parts of the day!!

I love these freezing friends.

Our neighborhood friend, Bailey, came by to play on our snowy deck!!

YES!!!  He hit me hard with this one!!  Brotherrrrrrr!

Bailey and Brother made this snow-girl!!  She had a carrot nose, but it wouldn't stay long enough for a picture, boo.

Here are some of my favorite scenes from our little house in the woods:
Seeing our home covered in snow, knowing God's blessings were literally floating down all around us, and recognizing His kindness in this answered prayer for my children.. well, there just was no greater way to start our year.  May this just be a taste of His love and goodness that we will experience in the year ahead!

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  1. This was just beautiful! Rylie and I laughed as we looked at the pictures. How good God is! Love, Mom


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