Friday, March 17, 2017

Party at the Catfish House!!

Andrew's precious Nana and Paw planned a little party for him and Wade at the Catfish House on their birthday weekend!!  We had such a sweet little family celebration time!!

Brother and Callie have always been the best of friends and it's the cutest thing ever.

Here's a picture to show that Jude and I were wearing the same thing!! Hahaa, you gotta love pudgy pregnancy life, ughhhh.

Nana always gets the best cakes!!

Our Jena family came to celebrate with us, too!!

I see lots of little children who had finished their fish and were ready for come CAKE.. including that big one sitting at the table in the back!! ;)

I busted Brother sneaking some icing, ha!!

Happy Birthdayyyyy to our Andrew and Wadie!!!!

Sadie smeared her icing on Pops..

But he didn't mind. :))

Sweet girlies!!

Love you, my 31 year old hubby!!  ((Gosh, what?!  31?!!  Wadeeee, how did this happen?!  We were just writing letters to each other for our THIRTEENTH birthdays!!!!!!  Time must fly when you're having the time of your life. :)  I LOVE YOU!!!))

Hahahaha, pooooor Paw!!  Those kids were beating him up good!!

Jude's FIST!! Ahhh, hahaa!!

Did I mention how Andrew picked out these cookies ALONG with his Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake?!  He got so excited about the sprinkles and the chocolate chips, I just had to surprise him..  Thanks, Sally's Baking Addiction!!  These were the perfect addition to our birthday week!!
Our party wasn't over yet, though!!  Wade wanted to go to the camp to celebrate the boys' birthdays.. so that's exactly what we did!!  We packed up and late Thursday night, after Wade got home from work, we got in the car and drove north.  To our most beloved Toledo Bend.  Those pictures, coming up next!!

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  1. Such a sweet celebration!! Catfish house for life!!


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