Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tomorrow Is Always Fresh..

Have y'all see those memes that joke about how awful 2016 was for everybody??  It just seems to have been such an off year.  Wade and I decided that beginning with 2017, we were going to get past the fonk the world was in and live our lives in expectation of all the good things that were ahead. Like vacations and family cook-outs and a new baby coming. Like spring weather and pretty deck furniture and getting our house decorated the way we want it.  Like boys' fishing trips and girls' nights out and mommy and daddy weekend dates away. I was feeling better, finally in my second trimester, and had my energy back.  It was time to start making some changes.  Out with the old and in with the new.  It was time to thrive again.

Good morning, 2017.  I am SO glad you are here.

We spent the first day of the year at home together, enjoying all those new Christmas gifts.  That afternoon, Wade and I used one of his new cookbooks and made the traditional New Year's Day meal!!  I forgot the cabbage.. whoops.  But we had black-eyed peas, collard greens, and cornbread.. and oh my goodness.  We could eat this so much more often than just once a year!!  It was soooo yummy!!

The kids's least favorite vegetable is greens..  So they were not super excited about this meal, ha!! But they got it down and I was so proud!!  It especially helps if you can eat it in between bites of Grandmonty's warm and buttery cornbread!!

It was so fun having a meal and knowing there were lots of other people around the world eating the same thing!!
During dinner, I asked everyone to name one thing they wanted to do in the new year.  Wade said he wanted to do 100+ work outs.  Savannah wanted to see and shoot more fireworks.  Grant wanted to go to the zoo this year.  And Andrew's response??  EAT MORE RIBS!!!   Hahaha!!  He says his favorite place in the world would be "Rib Land" where the grass and trees are made out of ribs and you can just pick it up and eat it whenever you want!!  Sounds pretty fantastic, Brother!!

So here's to a new year, filled with good food, exercise, fireworks, and zoo trips.  To more early mornings, deeper Bible study time, and indulging in a few more cups of fancy coffee that I drink a little more slowly.  To tomorrow being fresh with no mistakes in it. 
Oh yes.  And here's to more ribs. :))

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness. " Lamentations 3:22-23

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  1. Lissie! These are all just wonderful - your Christmas and Samuel's birthday and all the good food and fun times! May 2017 be the most wonderful year ever! Love, Mom


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