Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wade Turns 31!!

For Wadie's 31st birthday, we returned home from Toledo Bend.  Wade left to go work out and while he was gone, I whipped up a surprise batch of some of his favorite cookies - Aunt Loretta's Boil Cookies!!  So much for working out, ha!!  But hey!!  You only turn 31 once and I was not letting this opportunity to celebrate with chocolate & peanut butter cookies go by!!  ;)

Wadie and his babies.

Wadie had lots of help blowing out his candles AND eating those cookies..

The next morning, on January 20th, Wadie went to work, boooo.  But Nana stopped by, yaaaayyy!! We all snuggled on the couch and watched history being made..

Donald Trump became our 45th president!!  We made the kids sit and watch it with us for the longest time, ha!!

Samuel eventually got bored, though, and he and Andrew were ready to wrestle.

That night, we rented a movie, made hot chocolate, added plenty of marshmallows, and snuggled together for some sweet family time.

Hahaa, Andrew did not like not having a shirt on for these pictures!!  But goodness, look at those cute faces!!

Best little friends.
To my one and only, I love you more than life itself.  From 13 to 31, here we are.. and I look forward to growing older with you still.  You make me better, our family stronger, and leave a legacy of kindness, honor, and humble strength wherever you go.  Your sense of humor is like none other and I plan to spend all of my days laughing with you, adoring you, loving you.  Happy Birthday, my precious Wadie. When I think of my most treasured and beloved gifts, the ones that make life richer and more abundant than I deserve, you top the list..  Jesus first, my Wadie forever second.  I love you, my darling honey bunches of oats. :)

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