Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Fiesta in Frierson!!

On January 28th, we drove to north Louisiana to celebrate our favorite Emory Grace!!  She turned 4 years old and has grown up from this:

To this!!  Such a pretty, pretty princess!!

Baby Georgia is such a peach, too!!

Emory and Vannie have such a sweet bond.. they even have the same middle name!!

Three besties and their babies!!

These have been such sweet friendships for the past 13 years!!  We were just missing Alyse!!

Just look at these twins!!

And then Georgia said it was time for CAKE!!

I'm not sure who Elena is, but I do love her cakes, hahaa!!

Glowing little birthday girl!!

Sssssneaky sssssnake!! ;))

Blowing out her candle!!

Happy, happy birthday to our precious Emory Grace that we love so much!!

She opened presents inside, while one little turkey stayed outside because he couldn't bear to leave his swing..

Bye bye, Samuuuuuel!  We'll pick you up next time we're passing through. ;))
I'm so glad to live so close to my dearest friends and be able to watch their babies grow.  It's an amazing thing to see the next generation develop from babies into toddlers, from small children to big ones.  Please, Jesus, may our lives tell only of You and let these babies have a faith in You that surpasses our own.  We love you, dear Emory!! Happy 4th birthday to youuuu!!


  1. So sweet!!!!!
    Lis you need to watch Elena it's so good!!

  2. I Am sitting here wondering who Elena is too!! Haha

  3. I'm just now FINALLY about to blog her party and I realized I'm not sure if I read/commented on this!! You got the best pictures!!! Thank you!! And we are so thankful for y'all loving on our sweet girls!!


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