Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Little Valentine's Day Love..

I have to laugh at myself that I even took pictures of Valentine's Day night, because it really all just revolves around food, ha!! We stayed home and Wade made us a beautiful dinner!!

I loved celebrating this day of love with all my little men.. ((Vannie must have been with her cousins!!))

I'm going to have to stop telling Samuel to say cheese because this is the face I get, hahaa!!  Every time!!

Strawberry Shortcake.. Wadie's most favorite dessert by his Lissie. :))

We all got servings as big as our faces and totally indulged.
I love you all, my precious family!! Let's celebrate together ((with VANNIE!)) this exact same way for the next 100 years..


  1. That. Cake.

    Do you do more of a biscuit/scone type cake or a cakey cake?

  2. Biscuity!! You bake it in a 9-in pie plate, so it's like one big round biscuit!! It's Wadie's favorite!!

  3. Most of the cake kiddos love the shortcake strawberry shortcake


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