Saturday, April 8, 2017

And All At Once.. It's Spring!

One morning in January, these two got up and decided they needed a small cup of coffee milk with whipped cream, ha!!  My little mini-men.  And Andrew, we see your finger in there!! 

Grant always looks so cute and fresh early in the mornings.. I just want to kiss those cheeks off!!

We had just finished reading The Courage of Sarah Noble in history, and there was a recipe in our curriculum for soft clay.. So I combined the two ideas and we made clay in order to mold something from our story!!

This made the SOFTEST and most pliable clay!!  It was amazing and the kids loved helping to make it!!

Andrew made an arrow for the Indians and a fishing hook and worm for the creek..

I know this looks like poop, hahaha!!  But Grant was so proud of his WORM to go fishing with!!

And because he is all boy, Andrew loved the mildly inappropriate part about the Indians smoking the peace pipe.

A worm, an Indian mask, and a peace pipe.  History at its finest. ;))

On National Pie Day (Jan 23!), we celebrated with Pioneer Woman's Pumpkin Pie!!  Can I just give a huge shout-out to PW?!  I've made at least 4 of her pies and every single one has been stellar!! This pumpkin pie was so delicious.. ((and do we even have to mention the fact that this was supposed to be our pie for our little family Thanksgiving celebration 2 months earlier and it had just never happened?!  Ha!!  Hey, at least it DID finally get made!!))  Also, how adorable is that pumpkin eater?!

At the very beginning of February, Wade took Andrew to Kees Park in order to sign him up for T-BALL!!!  This will be Andrew's first year to play, and we are so excited because HE is so excited!!  Wade was asked to be his assistant coach and we got paired with an old college friend who will be the head coach!!  Lord, you are TOO good!!

Hey batter, batter, SWING, batter, batter!!!!!
We are loving these warmer days, trying new things, and just being together!!  This is the good life.

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  1. I thought you didn't make a pie for pi day?!?

    Also why you cheating on Sally? Just wait til I tell her about this.


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