Friday, April 28, 2017


I'm going to need to make a short story long, so bear with me, ha!!  Last summer, I found the most beautiful set of patio furniture at Sam's.  I adored it.. the pretty wicker weave, the fluffy accent pillows, the sturdy fabric that would survive the weather and 4 children..  It was beautiful and perfect and exactly what we needed.  

The very teeniest, tiniest, smallest thing was wrong.. the priiiiice taaaag. Of course. Why is the one that you always love the most guaranteed to be the priciest one?!!  I couldn't just shell out the money, it went against my nature.  So I looked around.  Home Depot. Pier One.  Lowe's.  Walmart.  Bed Bath and Beyond.  Even Williams Sonoma, ha!!  I spent all summer looking... and the fall.. and the winter.. Browsing websites, checking for sales, comparing pictures to the one I already loved at Sam's. 

Nothing could compare.  Nothing could even come close!!  So after talking to Wade and deciding it was WORTH IT, we decided to get it!!  One year later, we went back to Sam's to make our big purchase.. except then they were out of stock. Grrrrr.  We ended up trying to get this furniture not once, not twice, but THREE times!! 

But finally!! FINALLYYYYY!!!!  Sam's loaded us up, we made the trek home, and my most favorite patio furniture IN THIS WORLD was finally here!!!!!!! 

Doesn't the box itself just make you so happy?!!  After it was unloaded, the kids used it as a tent, a rocket ship, an office.. it was amazing!!

And about 30 minutes later, IT WAS READY!!!!!

Wade not only said to get the furniture, he said to get whatever else we needed, too.. which obviously meant a rug and an umbrella!!!  Yaaaayyyyy!!!

Can we please spend the rest of our days right here in this spot?!

We spent that whole spring afternoon cozy on the couch, soaking in the blue sky, singing birds, and blooming trees!!  It was sooo comfortable and just as perfect as I had imagined. :))

Our neighbor across the street was the first one to come and sit with us.. and she laughed and laughed that I had made a pitcher of sweet tea just to be able to set it on my new coffee table, hahaa!!  It just looked so sweet and homey to me!!

The following days were a dream.. we read outside, we napped outside, it was just so nice to have a place to SIT outside, ha!!

And on Wade's next day off, we called over our neighborhood besties to come celebrate the new deck furniture with us!!  (Shan, please remember that you turned us down this night!!!! Haha!!)

Wadie grilled, I made chocolate chip cookies (and sweet tea, because, duh..;)) and we had one of the sweetest nights on record.  I had the absolute best time because we had all waited SO LONG FOR THIS!!

This is what dreams are made of, y'all!! 

The following Monday, I brought the kids to co-op and afterwards, they left with Jenny to go play.  I came home to find THIS.  Wade had made all of this to surprise me..  He called it, "Bistro on the Deck."  Ahhhh!!  IT WAS THE BEST!!!! We ate, our two babies played at our feet, and we sat oh, so comfortably, dining outside. :))
Lord, let this furniture be a blessing to You!!  May it bring far ones near, serve the hungry and weary, and be a resting place for all who come, energizing and equipping them to do Your work!!

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  1. Two things--
    1) at one point I thought you were going to say something bad happened to your beloved furniture! I know it really didn't but I was getting the drama hype in my head that it did!

    2) I did not turn you down.
    Sub point a) you texted 45 min before hand. πŸ˜‚
    Sub point b) Jon had a headache and did not feel well 😩😩


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