Friday, April 21, 2017

Our Valentine's Day Party!!

On Valentine's Day, we had a little homeschool party out at the property!! 

 I wanted to get a group of moms and our kids together to celebrate this sweet day of love.. and what better way to do that than with some heart-shaped peanut butter and jellies?!  Thanks, Casey, for all of these wonderful pictures!!

With Heather and Jen's creativity at work, we made out a fun menu and served a light lunch after the kids exchanged valentines!!

Heather made these perfect brownies from Ina Garten!!  (This is such a pretty pic, Case!!)

Before we could eat though, all the kids sat at the picnic tables and decorated their little box to store their valentines in..

Em was so good at manning the kiddie table!!

Malch wanted to know why we were wasting time with stickers and crayons when there were yummy treats to be eaten..

Here are some pictures of our sweet friends hard at work!!

Samuel just enjoyed sniffing his dirty socks... ha!!

And then all of our babies exchanged valentines and candy!!

I'm so impressed with all the pink and red everyone wore!!

Kaylee Grace wanted everyone to come to see her personally to get their valentine, hahaha!!  Cruz didn't mind a bit!!

Hahaa, Shan!!  Look at this little sassy face!!

Once everyone had finished passing out and collecting their treats, Jen gathered everyone around to talk to them about the greatest Valentine of all: our precious Jesus!!

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13
Lord, we are so thankful for You!!  We only love because You first loved us..  What a true Friend and great Savior You are.

And while these two may not have grasped all that Jenny was teaching...

..most everyone else did!!  So glad we have this sweet community of Jesus-loving families!!

We prayed and then it was time for lunch!!!!

Thanks to everyone, we had a table full!!  Pioneer Woman's Strawberry Chicken Salad Wraps, PB&J's, fruits and vegetables, chips, cookies and brownies, water and Fizzy Pink Lemonade.. it all came together to be one lovely and delightful lunch!!

Can we drink pink lemonade like this everyday???

KG was SO excited because she had the "perfect chip" in her bag!! :))

Jen had some Michael Buble' playing and while the adults visited, Briley and Annie played with the speaker, ha!!

Some of the boys played in the ditch with dump trucks and pails..

..and everyone else ran to the back to see Blaze, the neighbor's horse!!

Pure country fun.. does it get any better than this??

Cruz loved seeing the horse..

..and feeding him!!

I just loved this one of Al and Eli!!

Last activity of the day: Sack Races!!

I caught Cruz sharing his sack with Kaylee Grace and thought.. Now this is what Valentine's Day is all about!!!!!!!  So, so sweet!!

Beautiful girl!!

The kids quickly tired of hop, hop, hopping, though and thought up something way easier and just as much fun...

Sack slidingggg, hahaa!! 

Our little women.
I had so much fun at our Valentine's Day party!!  It was low-key and simple, but delivered lots of big smiles and adorable memories.  I'm so grateful to walk this homeschool journey with my Christian sisters and to watch our children play, grow, and bond together through simple things like pink lemonade and Valentine's cards.  I am praying that each of their soul's finds rest and fulfillment in Christ alone and that as they mature, they will use their love for Him together to serve a starving world.. 
Happy Valentine's Day from all our little loves!!

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  1. This party was so much fun!!! Thank you for inviting us!!


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