Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Andrew's First Game!!

I'm sorry (not sorry) about all the ball pictures this blog has coming.  It's been the sweetest season with the best team: the coaches, their wives, the kids, their parents.. there just could not have been a better pairing of people.  We have had the best experience with Ward 9 and we look so forward to being a part of this league for a looong time with our 4 boys!!  I foresee lots of running between fields to catch everyone's games, ha!!  I need that ball mom t-shirt, Casey - Summer Nights and Ballpark Lights. Yesssss.

Andrew's last practice before he played his first game!!

The first night we got the uniform, Andrew had to try it all on right away!!
Here we goooo, Bill Poole Products!!

Oh my goodness!!!!  All the heart eyes in the world!!!! Wade used to play for his grandpa's company as a little kid, which has made this especially endearing to me.  I told Wade, "I wish I could have seen you play as a little boy.."  And Wade replied, "You are." :)))))

I didn't want to go to our first game unprepared, so everyone picked out some snacks and their favorite blue and red outfits. ;)

Wade was supposed to be working for Andrew's first game, but by the grace of God and the kindness of one of the night nurses, Wade was able to leave the hospital early and come right away to the game!!  We were all SO thankful!!

One of my most favorite pictures to date.

Grammie and Pops, Jason, Heather, Kate and Adam were all able to make the big game, too!!

Seeing everyone out on the field in their uniforms was just TOO good!!

Up to bat for his very first time!!  In this moment, my heart was beating out of my chest and I was thanking God that Wade was out there with him!!

He did so well, every hit getting him onto first or second base!!

When I asked Vannie if she wanted to play ball this year, she said, "Nooooo.  I'd rather just watch and eat nachos."  Hahaha!!  My girl got her nachos!!  ;)

I'm telling y'all, this first baseman doesn't stand up for the entire game.  He is always ready with his glove close to the ground.  He doesn't crack a smile until he walks off that field.. and then spends the rest of the week talking about all things baseball.  It's. My. Favorite.

Grammie had lots of kisses ready for him after his first game, hahaa!!

Hugs from Hezzy!!

First team huddle, awwwww!!

In case you were wondering what Kate and Grant did during that hour and a half... 


I'm sad this is kind of blurry.. but so, so precious!!  Thanks, everyone, for comingggg!!

Love this cheering section!!

So proud of our Big Drew!!

Andrew was sad that he had done all that hard work and didn't get to eat nachos like Savannah did, ha!! So his considerate daddy took him to Super One after the game and came home to celebrate with homemade nachos!!!

I don't know if Andrew's ever had a better night. :))
#10.  Brotherrrrrr.  Andrew Paul.  Poole Boy.  Cutie Patootie.  Never in my life have I screamed those words as much as I have this spring and it is SO MUCH FUN.


  1. This is so sweet!!! I joke but I am excited to see all the ball game post!!

    It's funny to see the outfits at the beginning of season and at the end. ITS SO HOT!!!!!

  2. I just never expected you to be a crazy ball mom!!!! I love love love it!!! But I do hope you aren't really screaming cutie patootie and embarrassing that serious ball playing boy!! ; ) GO ANDREW GO! And I'm with Van! Nachos for life!


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