Thursday, May 18, 2017

Breakfast at Vannie's

My three Musketeers woke up one morning - smiling, happy, and ready for breakfast.

They were so cute with all their naked little chests and kept being so silly together.

While the boys giggled and played, Savannah worked hard in the kitchen, frying up some bacon!!

This girl!!  Y'all!!  She can make eggs almost entirely by herself (I just clean up any raw egg left on the counter and confirm when the eggs are done!  She even salts and peppers them!!) and nowww, I do believe she has mastered bacon!!  Look how beautiful and crispy!!

I made pancakes, Vannie made bacon, and the boys gave thanks, ha!!

Breakfast at Vannie's is my most favorite place to be.
Thank you, Wadie, for teaching our babies to love and appreciate good food.. and thank You, Jesus for precious little people to eat breakfast with. I adore these sweet, sticky, and beautiful mornings.


  1. She is so sweet!!!!

    That will come in handy when you are sleepy post new baby!

  2. We want to book a reservation for breakfast at Vannie's!!


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