Saturday, May 20, 2017

Briley Turns 2!!

On March 11, we celebrated Briley's second birthday party at the Tree House Children's Museum!!  The kids were so excited to get to go and play!!

  The theme was The Cat in the Hat and everyone looked so festive in their red and blue!!

Grammie and Vannie, saying hello from Illinois!!

Even Baby Adam made it to the party!!

I've never seen a king cake/birthday cake before, but look how adorable!!

Cutest momma with the cutest cookies!!

Adorable birthday spread!!

Everyone came inside and got ready to sing 'Happy Birthday' and eat!!

Happy Birthday, precious Briley!!!

Somehow Samuel snuck his way into the family picture, hahaa!!

One of my favorites!!  So, so sweet!!

Grant and Kate loved hitting each other with these party blowers, ha!!

Time for cookies and cake!!

So many sweet friends came to celebrate Briley!!

These two laughed and laughed together, it was the cutest thing!!

And after cake, Daddy had a check-up in the dentist office..

..which quickly turned into the doctor's office, where he required head surgery, hahaa!!

Shortly afterwards, there was a new doctor/patient team in town!!

They were so cute playing together!!

Before it was over, Briley opened her gifts..

...and this toy gave her BIG smiles!!

Happy birthday, beautiful girl!!!
        I still remember finding out that Briley was coming.. I was at the beach when Casey called to say she was pregnant with baby #2!! ((Seeeee!!  I do answer my phone sometimes!!!! Hahaa!!)  It's been such a treat to watch Briley grow and be a part of her life. Thank You, Lord, for the sweet babies that change us and remind us of how great You are.  You are the miracle worker, the Author of life, and we praise You for holding us all in Your hand!!  Allow us to continually guide Briley to You and teach her to walk in your ways, delighting herself in You all of her life.  We love You, Father, and we love you, Briley!!  Happy Birthday!!


  1. Is it appropriate to think how many kids really put that thermometer in their mouth and when it was prob cleaned last 😳

  2. Hahaha to Shan's comment. First time mommy!! ; ) This place is so cute!!


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