Monday, May 1, 2017

Mardi Gras Mambo!!

On February 25, 2017, Alexandria hosted their Children's Mardi Gras Parade downtown.  We had never been before, but decided to try it out this year!!

It was sooo cold, but once we got our voices yelling and our arms thrown up, we knew we would warm up. ;))

The kids didn't know what to think at first, so Wadie had to show them..  And apparently, you get more throws when you put the baby in prime view, or so said the old woman to our left who could have been called a Mardi Gras PROFESSIONAL, told us. Ha!!

The kids quickly caught the hang of it, though!!

Beautiful Saturday morning with my favorites!!

Grant is so ME.  He did not love the loud music or the crowds or the cheap beads.  He wanted the good stuff!!!!  Like toys and chocolates and cups, hahaa!!

Doing her first parade like a champ!!

After it was over, I told everyone to hold up their most favorite thing they got at the parade.. Barbies, swords, clappers, and puppies, oh my!  (And the funny thing is that 2 months later, Samuel is the only one who still has his prize!!  I'm pretty ruthless with junk toys, so I'm shocked puppy is still around!!  It DOES say 'Jesus Loves Me' on the foot so maybe I just can't throw away things that have the word Jesus on them?!! Hahaha.)
It was such a fun parade, because it was so kid-friendly! We all had a good time, even though Grant and I enjoyed standing back and watching Daddy, Vannie, and Drew catch all of our prizes for us, hahaa!!  We drove over to Buffalo Wild Wings and mapped out the rest of our Saturday.. those pictures, coming up next!


  1. LOL that they threw a Barbie!!!!

  2. YAY!! Glad y'all finally went!! So fun!! And aren't the random junky toys a mess?! Haha!


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