Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our First T-Ball Practice!!

At 6 years old, Andrew Paul registered to play t-ball for the first time with the Pineville Youth Baseball and Softball Association!!  We felt he was finally old enough to enjoy and actually understand the game and Andrew was excited about all the new gear he would get - bats and balls and gloves, oh my!!

I was nervous.  One, because he had never played before.  Two, because I would be in my third trimester with my 5th baby for all of his games and practices.  Third, because Wade wasn't guaranteed to be off to help. :/  Thankfully, my mom now lives close enough to help me and for Andrew's first practice, she met me at the ballpark and we got everyone out of the car, geared up, and packed with snacks, ready for whatever the next hour brought us..

My precious boy.. getting so big and so brave.

The first thing we did was meet up with our coach and his wife, a couple we had known back at LC!!  It was such a relief to know someone and get to ask them all our newbie questions, ha!! We measured for uniforms and then the boys partnered up to play catch.

All I had to say was, "Andrew, you ready to go out and play??"  And Brother RAN out of that dug out!!!!  He was more than ready, he was excited and couldn't wait.. which was so good for my heart!!

Hahaha, I almost left this picture out but wanted to remember the funny story that explains it!!  I had been practicing with Andrew a few days before this practice and was teaching him everything I knew about ball.  Unfortunately, I don't know much and what I thought I knew was WRONG!!  For example, Andrew kept throwing overhand and I said, "Brother, it goes too far like that!!  Throw it softly like this..." as I tossed it underhand..  Ahhhh, Wade died when I told him!!  So apparently, that is not a baseball move?????  I also said, "Let's work on some grounder balls."  To which Wade responded later, "Lis... it's ground balls."  Pahaha, from that point on, I decided to leave the teaching up to Wade.  But here is my Brother Bear throwing a ball (illegally) underhand.  He got it from his momma.  My bad.

There you go, my big Drew!!

First team meeting!!  How cuuuute!

We're a proud family, supporting our big brother!!

I shouldn't have been nervous at all.  Andrew took to t-ball like nothing I've ever seen.  No coaxing him.  No making friends first.  No words even necessary.  All he has wanted to do from this moment on has been to play ball.  And it's become one of my most favorite things in the world to see. Watching him play, cheering him on, even passing out team snacks afterwards has become some of the highlights of our days!!

Sadly, Wade did have to work for that first practice.  But he called as we were leaving the ballpark to say he was bringing home dinner to celebrate our big ball player..

And it's only right to have PIZZA after such a big night!! ;)

His sister and brothers all agreed, too!!
I have SO MANY pictures from his games and have gotten several from a fellow team mom who has incredible photography skills!!  I CANNOT WAIT to post them!!  Andrew is a beast on the field and Wade and I are having the time of our lives!!!


  1. This is so sweet!!!

    And I'm dying that you told him to throw underhand. 😂😂😂

  2. Melis!! Please tell me you did not tell him to throw underhand. BLESS HIS HEART....No. Just no. But he is adorable out there and I love that y'all are a ball family now!!


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