Saturday, May 27, 2017

Our Last T-Ball Practice!!

Andrew has enjoyed playing ball so much and we have had the best time watching him!!  Even when it feels like 100 degrees and I'm chasing 3 other kids with a big, ol' pregnant belly, ha!!  You know we truly enjoy it if I'm willing to do that every week..  But just look at that big man!!

We had to play on a backstop area once when all the fields were taken and I just loved the big, open spaces..  This is how little boys should be spending their summers!!

These two enjoyed throwing dirt down the sewer the whole time.. sorrrrryyyyy, ball park people. :/

This was so neat to me, because both of those little boys have dads that went to LC with us!!  It is really precious to watch as we raise the next generation up together.

And also, we have the cutest assistant coach ever. :))
Andrew's first game was just a few days away and I was as nervous and excited as I could be!!  He was the most adorable little thing in his uniform and I couldn't wait to see how he would feel out on the field with an audience watching for the first time..  That post is coming soon!!


  1. Are you going to make a post about every single ball game??!

  2. So cute!!! And rude, Shan, rude! ; )


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