Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our Super Serious Study on George Washington.. ;)

For a couple of weeks this spring, we read and studied a little bit about George Washington.  Just enough to introduce the kids to our first president and familiarize them with some of the things he did growing up and accomplished as an adult.  One morning, we reenacted a little bit of his life.. and somehow these two became soldiers at war.

Why is their favorite part always dying on the battlefield..?? :/

Not to worry, though.. they heal and rebound very quickly, ha!!

We then made tricorn hats!!  And when I googled pictures of tricorn hats you can buy today, Andrew said, "Umm, that looks like underwear." 

Aye, aye, Captain!!

My sweet little G Washington.

On one rainy afternoon, Samuel went down for a nap, and these two got out the oil pastels and watercolors.  We picked one tree in the backyard, studied it, and then came inside to draw a picture of it.  Since this will be our "Spring Tree," I'm planning to study and paint it again during the summer, fall, and winter!! How neat it will be to see how it (and those paintings!) change.

Happy little learners!!

I love how those trees turned out!!

What happens when you've been busy painting and playing all day and don't have time to fix dinner..??  You make chocolate chip pancakes, of course!!

There's never any complaints when we have breakfast for dinner!

To end our time with G.W., we read The Fourth of July story and listened to Yankee Doodle one morning.  In the song, they mention hasty pudding.. which apparently is a breakfast that Washington would have eaten a lot back then, because it's cheap, filling and fast.  Obviously, we had to make some and try it.  Thanks, My Father's World, for the recipe!!

Hasty pudding!!  With a little banana and maple syrup on top to sweeten it up a bit, ha!!

It didn't look baaaaad...

But Grant's face shows how we all felt about it, hahaa!!  Blyuck!!  Bring back those chocolate chip pancakes!!
Ask the kids about George Washington's role in the framework of our nation and you might get a blank stare.  But ask them about his breakfast or his battles or his mother's favorite horse, and you'll quickly get an earful all about it. :)


  1. That pudding looks like grits!!! Blukkkkk

  2. Hahahaha. Hasty pudding doesn't even sound great, but hey, at least they know what it was like and can be grateful for all of their delicious food now!! Ha! The tree idea is SO cute!! I love that!!


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