Tuesday, May 23, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Weeklong Celebration!!

What should someone do the week of St. Patrick's Day??  Make rainbow cookies and lucky leprechaun pudding, of course!!

Forget the pudding, these kids were crazy about the cookies!!

That week, Andrew also lost his first front tooth!!!!  When we went to my mom's, he went running to show Callie.. only to find out that Callie had lost HER front tooth that day, TOO!!! They couldn't stop looking and grinning at each other!!!

3 days later, Brother had lost both front teeth.  He FaceTimed Callie to show her (this is really big stuff to 6 year olds, y'all), and she was at Grammie's where she had just lost HER second front tooth!!!!  How crazy and precious is that?!  They are tooth twins!!

Also this week, I made 'Leprechaun Bait' for Lifegroup. It was so fun and colorful!!

Grant loved it, too!!

Aaaaand this is what happens when you lose teeth too quickly at the Poole house and Mommy and Daddy are not prepared. Tooth Fairy moneyyyy!! Redeemable wherever your parents can use a card, ha!!
We wrapped up our celebration early on in the week because we were headed to Clinton, LA, where Samuel was to be the ring bearer in our sweet friend's wedding!!  Those pictures are next!!


  1. Hahahaha at the tooth fairy IOUs!! That is HILARIOUS!! And all of the treats look so delish!!

  2. I love your tooth fairy dollars!!! That really is a smart idea!!


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