Thursday, May 25, 2017


On March 17th, we drove down to Thibodaux because our sweet friend, Mollie, was getting married close to Baton Rouge the next day!!  And when it's crawfish season, you don't need any more of an excuse to eat some than that, hahaa!!

Beautiful husband with a beautiful plate!!

We left the older three kiddos with Nan and Paw and drove to Clinton, LA!! And y'all.  We were stuck in BR traffic for an hour and a half with a 2 year old ring bearer!!! Ahhhh, I was stressing!!  We got to the wedding less than 30 minutes before it started!!  So here we are, putting on the last of Samuel's accessories out in the parking lot..

Sweet baby is forever scratched up.  (This is the mark from running into an open cabinet door.   I mean, how do these things happen?!)  But goodness, isn't he precious?!

The photographer got this shot of the ring bearers coming down the aisle:  Emmitt came bounding down, all smiles and happiness.  Samuel came trudging along, arm over his face, looking as gloomy and miserable as he could be..  Ahhhhh!! Hahaa, in the moment, I was dying!!  But looking at it now makes me laugh.  Hey, at least we got there in time for this pitiful performance, ha!!

Afterwards, Samuel went racing outside to play with... what else??  STICKS!!

Hahaa, I love you, my little man!!

Somehow, Samuel missed having a haircut before the big day.. whoops. So he had to work the shaggy look.

He had such a cute sign..

..that he preferred to use as a kite.

The church steps were just too much of a temptation, so he did this while waiting on group pictures..

Oh, yeah.  This is how those scratches and marks on the face happen, ha!!

And miracle of miracles, he stayed dressed long enough to take a formal group picture. ;))

I love that the groomsman in the back is holding a paci, hahaha!!

I love going to weddings with Wadie!!  There's something so sweet and nostalgic about them that always leaves me thinking about our wedding day and how sweet life is with my precious honey bunches of oats.

These sure were some cute little wedding boys!!

They played "drums" on the tree before we got Samuel loaded up and headed back for home.

26 weeks pregnant with a 27 month old toddler.. They keep me so tired, but oh, so happy.
Happy Wedding Day to Mollie and Levi!! It was a gorgeous location, beautiful ceremony, and watching the union of two godly, wonderful people is such a joy!!  We had a wonderful time, even Samuel.. despite what his walk down the aisle might suggest. ;))  Love you, Yantis's!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!!!!!


  1. How on earth do you still keep up with his monthly age?!

  2. I don't. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I only figured it out for that picture, ha!!

  3. I love these pictures!! And his face coming down the aisle! Haha! That will be the best memory!!


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