Monday, June 26, 2017

Easter Weekend

The Saturday before Easter, we knew just what we had to do..

That's right! It was time to dye eggs!!  And here are all my little helpers!! (Hahaa, Samuel likes to close his eyes during pictures.. Van was going to make sure that didn't happen this time!)

Wadie taught them how to draw on their eggs first..

The professional eggspert. ;)

And then the eggs had to sit and soak.

Sadly, the only dye colors I had were blue, green, and yellow. Whoops, ha!!

We all had such a good time!!  We also read The Legend of the Easter Egg by Lori Walburg to bring it all back to Christ. So, so sweet.

Easter morning.  One of my most favorite mornings of the year!!  I've stopped doing Easter baskets, just because we seem to bypass the most important parts of Easter in order to get to the plastic grass and chocolate candies.. so for now, we simply wake up to my very loud singing of "Up From the Grave, He Arose!!!!" - my favorite. ;))  We talk about how "JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!!  HE IS ALIVE!!!  Did you hear the good news?!!  Jesus is ALIVE!!!!!" (Always super loud, super dramatic, and super exciting!!!!!)  And then we get dressed to celebrate this most wonderful day!!

JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!!!  Have you seen Him?!!!!

Our four little disciples.

Happy Easter to youuuuu!!

Graaaaant, hahaha!!

I love my silly circus of SEVEN!! :))

After a sweet church service, we headed north to spend some time with our Jena family.  Nana even planned an Easter egg hunt for the kids!!

Samuel and Wadie made a cute little team!

Best buds.

Family picture!!  I just loved this!!

Samuel is a ham and climbed all over Paw..

..AND Poppa!!

Four generations apart and as cute as they can be.
I can't think of a sweeter way to spend Easter weekend.  Sweet family, delicious food, a risen Savior.. now this is abundant life.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Good Friday Fun!!

A few weeks before Easter, Heather, Jen, and I started making plans for Good Friday.  Heather and Jen took over hosting and menu responsibilities while I was put in charge of the family games!! Last year, we missed out on games.. unless you count Jen chasing the little children with crawfish part of the entertainment, ha!!  Two years ago, we played nonstop!!  Aiming to bring the annual family Easter games back to life, I started planning for Peter Rabbit Cottontail's Bunny Trail!! The kids would have to read clues in order to catch Peter Rabbit and his basket of goodies before he escaped back home!!  A few days before Good Friday, I got to work on these..

What my work desk at home looks like. ;)

On Good Friday, we all met in Anacoco for a day of strawberry lemonades, boiled crawfish, and Easter fun!!

Little children, does this bring back any memories?!

Like this from 2015?????  Hahaa, poor Grant!!

And Jenny was at it again!!  Bad Jenny!!

Before any games, however, we wanted to remember why we gather together on Good Friday.

We went inside and Heather read about Christ's crucifixion..

Callie was a big helper and showed everyone the pictures out of the Bible story.

Finally, Kate led us in song with the "Were You There?" hymn.  All the kids joined in and it was the sweetest time of remembering the Lord being crucified and buried in the tomb.. only to RISE AGAIN 3 days later!!  It was a wonderful moment of praising Jesus with these babies!!

On Pinterest, I saw where people had planted jellybeans in the yard.. only to come back later and find they had grown into lollipops!!  Wanting to make Jesus the center of that, I found this 'Jelly Bean Prayer.'  I read it with the kids..

..and then everyone got some jelly beans to plant!!

While the kids were busy planting, Hil and I got ready for the scavenger hunt on Peter Rabbit's Trail!!

The men were outside boiling crawfish.. but this little boy couldn't wait.  I kept finding him right here, sneaking rice krispie treats, haha!!

Beautiful Grant!!

Shortly after, it was time to eat!!

Kate led us in the Lord's Prayer..

..right before we all pigged out. :))

After we ate, it was time for the games to begin!!!  Someone with two long ears and a cotton tail had dropped this note off with Uncle Wadie.. and he brought it to the kids to read!!

The kids had to find the eggs Peter Rabbit had dropped around the yard in his haste to escape!!  Inside of the eggs were clues leading to where he went to next!!

Hahaha, I love these game faces of the kids trying to figure out the clues!!

They found it!!!!!  They found it!!! Peter Rabbit's Egg Stash!!!!!

Sadie read his note.. and then everyone got busy divvying up the spoils!!

The sweet taste of successssss, hahaa!!

I LOVE this candid shot!!  How beautiful!!

Sweet besties.

The adults went inside for a quick little pick-me-up..

..and the kids were so excited to see what had sprouted from their jelly beans!!

Everyone loved their peeps lollipops!!

While inside, we face-painted in order to get ready for our kiddie Easter egg hunt!!

My sweet little bunny rabbits!!

At the door and hopping to go!!

Readyyyy, settttt, gooooo!!

This long-haired bunny couldn't care less about finding eggs.. he had found the ice bucket, hahaa!!

Afterwards, the kids went inside in order to look through all their new prizes.  Instead, I made them leave everything in the living and room and come with me.. I had a surprise up my sleeve!!

The kids got to hide eggs in the front yard for the ADULTS!!!  We hid 45 empty eggs in the front yard.. and the dad that found the most won a crisp $20 bill!!

All those daddy's were working hard for the money, hahaa!!

At the very end, Jason and Wade were tied with the same amount with ONE missing egg.  Whoooo was going to find it to win it all?!?!!!

JASONNNNNN!!!!!!  Way to bring home the bacon, Jase!!

We ended our day with an adult game of Egg Toss.. in which Heather and Jason won AGAIN!!  Way to go, Kees family.  Enjoy your winning streak because it ends next year. ;)

30 weeks pregnant with Baby #5!!

After a wonderful day together, we sat on the side of the house and watched the horses graze in the pasture.  Samuel went in for a closer look, but the rest of us were content to just sit back, relax, and soak in all of the day's goodness.
I'm reading Leading Little Ones to God by Marian Schoolland right now (wonderful children's book on biblical teachings!) and our lesson was on Good Friday!!  This is what she writes at the end: "Was that sad Friday really a good day??  Yes, it was!!  It was the very best of all Fridays.  It was a good day because Jesus died for us.  He died so that our sins could be forgiven, and we could go to heaven and be with Him forever."  
I thought that was a perfect explanation of why we get together and reverently celebrate Good Friday.  While it was heartbreaking, it was the only way.  Only Jesus had the perfect power to accomplish the Father's will.. and by fulfilling it, He made a way for all of us to have abundant life here on Earth, as well as eternal life in heaven!!  Praise His precious name!!

'Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name!'

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