Monday, June 5, 2017

Family Hike to Fort Randolph

At the end of March, we began preparing to celebrate Passover.  I forced Jen to study and learn all that she could so that she could lead us in our first ever Passover!!  Not only did she do all the school work, she did all the prep work, too!! A week or two beforehand, she had all the kids begin learning about what we were going to do..  Here is Andrew's Passover vocabulary words, learning the meaning to words such as afikomen, haggadah, and beitzah.  It was SO NEAT to learn about the traditional way Jesus would have celebrated Passover, reminding the Jewish people of their slavery and exodus from Egypt!! I have a whole blog post on that coming soon!! :)

But first, Wade and I wanted to go somewhere fun with the kids one day and I thought about that Civil War Reenactment we had gone to earlier in the year.  Wade had never been to Ft. Randolph to explore and I wanted to show him about all the different spots we had learned about!! 
We grabbed Subway (complete with all of their chocolate chip cookies, ha!) and headed to the woods for a picnic lunch!!

Eating outside under the trees is always so much fun!!

Grant, feeding the little squirrels in the tree. :))

After lunch, we started walking the trails.. and Vannie found some turtles in the water!!

My littlest explorers.

We got to show Daddy where the moat used to be..

..and the Civil War stone steps!!

Cutest little farmer man I ever did see!!

Sadly, we couldn't explore the whole back area because there was an eagle's nest nearby and her little eggs were due to hatch any day!!  Apparently, people can only get so close to the nest before the momma bird leaves and won't come back.. so to be safe, they had roped off the entire area.

So we headed inside the museum instead.. and enjoyed that cold air conditioning, ha!!

The sweet receptionist put on a movie for the kids to watch.. 

...and while it wasn't exactly a cartoon, the kids liked feeling so big and important and sat there for almost the entire 10 minutes, ha!!
Here's to discovering and celebrating more local spots together.. because adventure days are our favorite days. 


  1. Have y'all been to that little museum on Main Street?!

  2. So cute!! I think y'all should come explore in Shreveport. I mean, it's almost local. Haha!


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