Saturday, June 17, 2017

My Home Run Hitter!!

A sweet new friend of mine, Michelle, was our "Dugout Mom" and helped to coach our boys this spring. She was fantastic and would send me pictures she had taken of Andrew (since she was so close to him during most of the games.) I saved every. single. one.  What a gift!!  Here are a few pictures of our little slugger from his first few games!!

Making the play at first like a boss. ;)

One of my favorites..  That boy is SERIOUS.

Another one of my favorites, I guess because you can see the umpire calling the runner, "OUT!!"

Tagging the runner..

And if the runner gets past first, Andrew was right on his tail to tag him before he could get to second, ha!!

And sometimes Andrew crushed the smaller players when he tagged them out, hahaa!!

At the beginning, we were only winning by one or two runs per game, which meant lots of high energy (and high stress) the whole time!!  (As well as serious fun!!)

And during his fourth game, ANDREW HIT HIS VERY FIRST HOME RUN!!!!!!!!!!!  I am telling you, there is NOTHING like that moment!!  You hear the crack of the ball, see it sailing through the air, and no one near it.. as your precious boy takes off around the bases and makes it all the way back to home plate!!  All of the screaming, surprised faces, and high fives at the end are going down in my book to make one of the best moments ever, one I'll never forget!!  Home run or not, I'm always so proud of my Brother Bear.. but goodness, my heart was swelling this night!!  As were my eyes, ha!

And amazingly, Nana and Paw and Will were there to see it, tooooo!!!  Thank You, Jesus!!!!

And precious Nana brought Rouses tea cookies (THE BEST) and juice for all the boys!!  The boys loved when Nan made it to their games, ha!!

Alan had brought the girls and they all got to experience that big night, too!!  We were so thrilled to have them there with us!!!

Mandatory celebratory pictures:

Yes, kisses, Brother.  Always kisses.

So, so happy for my hardworking home run hitter!!!!!!!!!!!
We were off to a wonderful start and each game made me more and more excited for the next!!  We were all surprised at how well the boys were understanding the game and loved watching them improve every week.. These busy, incredibly fun nights were becoming our new normal and we all were crazy in love!! 


  1. I give you a hard time but I really do love the baseball post!! He has so much fun!!

  2. Your enthusiasm is my fave!! Who ever knew you would be a ball loving momma?! And apparently have a future baseball STAR! Woohoo! Go Andrew!!


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