Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Opening Ceremonies Day!!

On Friday, March 31, we grilled out and had the neighbors come over for dinner..

It's always so fun to eat together with friends!!

Hahaa, this the face Jack gives me every time I come around with the camera!!

Andrew was super happy about those chicken and steak kabobs!!

We all were!  Plus strawberry pecan salad (my favorite) and collard greens with bacon (another favorite) and scalloped potatoes (hello, perfect meal) - this was the most delicious night!!

And this Poole party had to eat up because we had such a big day ahead!! April 1 was Opening Ceremonies Day for T-Ball!!  We had pictures first..


The most precious team of my life.

We then played our first official game where our runs were scored, our boys were tried, and all the teams got to scope everyone else out, hahaa!!

These pictures are so hilarious to me..  I can tell this was the very beginning of the season because Andrew actually stopped long enough on the field to smile and take a picture.

It broke our hearts for Wade to have to work on this big day, but I sent him pictures and texts nonstop from the time the game clock started til we walked off at the end.

I'll have to put some comparison pictures of Andrew batting here and Andrew batting at the end of the season.  It is amazing the difference.. he has learned SO MUCH!!

Run, run, as fast as you can!!!!  Proud momma moment right here!!

Hahaa, another wave!!  How nonchalant he was back then!!

Our first win of the season: 22 to 18!!

So proud of my big Drew.  He seemed nervous to me at first, but never slacked up.  Remembering all that his daddy had taught him (and thankfully, nothing from his momma, ha!), he got out there and played his little heart out.

I'm thankful for a big sister who cheers on her little brother every week, too!!

Team meeting..

..right before they got their medals for a job well done!! :))

Yayyyyy for Andrewwww!!!

We celebrated with Spiderman Sno-balls. ;))

And because it was Opening Day, we returned to the park that night for an introduction to all the teams!!  (Now, you know that's dedication for me to get everyone back in the car and out to the field again for a lap around the bases!! Haa!!)

Only the coaches' sons were there, hahaa!!  But it sure was fun to hear them call out "Bill Poole Products" and see our boys running!!

And after all the teams were presented, we watched what we had all really come for.. FIREWORKS!!

Winning his first game, getting a medal, having a sno cone, running a lap with his new friends, and watching fireworks before collapsing into the bed that night.. this is what little boys' dreams are made of. :))


  1. He was so interactive with the crowds st the beginning!!! Things sure changed quickly ha!!!

  2. YAY opening day! That is some serious dedication to get to the ball field twice in one day!! I'm impressed!!


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