Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pops Turns 59!!

For something as special as Pops's birthday, we needed to start the day off right.. with homemade cinnamon rolls!!  Don't you just want to curl up and snuggle with one of these?!

Grant ate the middle part FIRST.. which just about killed me, hahaa!!

Smart Samuel created the cinnamon roll lollipop. :))

Nom nom nom.

We drove over to Grammie and Pops's house where Heather had made a gorgeous dark chocolate cake (with sea salt, Shan!!!) for Dad!!

Cutest. Parents. Ever.

Such a gorgeous cake, Hezzy!!  Thank you for all your hard work!!

The same cake stand that has held all of our birthday cakes for the past 20-30 years.

Happy birthday to the greatest dad in the world!!!!!!

To the man who has always works the hardest, the Sunday School teacher who tears up when he talks about Jesus, the mechanic who can fix anything, the mathematician who can solve any equation, the farmer who kept the 8 acres because it makes everyone so happy, the carpenter who builds playhouses for the grandkids, the husband that richly loves our mom, and the dad who continuously cares for his grown-up kids..
to the man who wears so many hats, influencing and impacting lives wherever he goes..
We love you more than words can say.  We are who we are because of what Jesus did in you.  Thank you for being the the earthly father who not only taught us, but showed us, what the Heavenly Father's love is like.  You are a reflection of Him and we treasure that deeply.  Thank you for the being the best there's ever been.

Happy Birthday to our favorite Pops!!!

Everyone got cake and ice cream and headed outside!!

Hahaha, I just love these sneaky faces!!

We started playing some music from Dad's good ol' days.. Jim Croce, anyone?!

And everyone started dancing and running and enjoying a little "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown." ;))

Umm, mom??  What is this music??

EVERYONE loves the "Baby Elephant Walk!!"  I wish I had the music gadget so I could post it on here.. It's the one secular song Mom knows on the piano and we all get the biggest kick out of it when she plays it!!  Here's a few shots of everyone dancing to the funny music!!

Hahaha, get it, Grammieeeee!!

Samuel loves a good dance party, I promise!!

"You Don't Mess Around With Jim" had all of us singing and be-bopping around!!

It was so fun to listen to the oldies with Dad and have all the grandkids learn a few of the songs that remind us so much of him!!
What a wonderful, wonderful day celebrating Dad and spending time with him, doing all of his favorite things.. drinking Coke.  Eating chocolate cake and ice cream.  Discussing life and cracking jokes with his favorite daughters. ;)) Sitting on the back porch with Mom and watching the grandkids play.  (Mandy and Kurt, next year, y'all are driving in!! ;))
 Thank you, Lord, for Pops's 59 sweet years!!  He means so much to us all.

And here is a verse from Psalms 37 that we like to take very personally - "Mark the blameless man, and behold the upright, for there is a future for the man of peace."  WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, DAD!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!


  1. Lissie! Your blog is so wonderful! We love our Markie!! Your daddy started crying when he was reading the blog! He is the most wonderful daddy and husband in the world. Thank you, Jesus, for Mark!
    Love, Mom

  2. But was it fancy flaked sea salt?!?

    And the middle is the best part I don't blame him!!

  3. Oh my, I teared up at this post, too!! Sweetest Pops ever!! A true man of God!


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