Friday, July 21, 2017

Nan's Ball Pictures

In case you missed Andrew's t-ball games, here are some of my favorite pictures of him from Nan's camera!!

This girl loved the treats she got to eat when her grandparents came to the games, hahaa!!

When the babies got tired of the game, they entertained themselves.. with dirt. ;)

Love this baller!!

And seeing Wade coach was one of my most favorite things!!

Such a beast.

Haha, ring pops for the win!!

It was always the funnest surprise when the Knotts made it to the games!!

Love my beautiful family!!
Thank you, Nan, for all of these sweet shots of what I realize will be Andrew's ONLY t-ball season!! It makes these pictures absolutely priceless to me!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Soccer Days and Church Plays

One Saturday morning, we headed over to the soccer fields to watch Sadie, Rylie, and Callie play!!

Rylie looks like quite the professional!

Haha, happy little Callie!!


A few pictures of their biggest fans:

Sweet cousins.. and a friend on the end, ha!!

Team pic!!

Savannah was a few days away from turning 8, so after the game, we had an impromptu party at the house!!

Singing Happy Birthday to our favorite Vannie!!

We love our cousins!!

The next day, we watched the girls perform in a church play..  Here is Sadie with her speaking part!!

Way to go, girls!!
Such a fun weekend with our favorite Sharbonos!!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Spring 2017

Looking at this smiling face, you would never know anything was wrong.

But if you asked him where his bo-bo was, this is what he would do, while saying in the cutest little voice, "Owwww."

Earlier that afternoon, our neighbor had accidentally swung a golf club down onto the top of Samuel's head.  Imagine Van screaming, blood everywhere, and me big and pregnant.  YIKES!!  Thank God, Wade was at the ball park and able to get home quickly in order to bring sweet Samuel to Urgent Care.  Three staples later, MawMaw came home to some homemade apple pie and ice cream.  Because that baby got whatever he wanted that night, haha!!

The next night, Samuel had to brave the crowds, staples and all.. because it was time for ball!!  #crazytballparents

After Andrew's game, we stayed for a little snack time.  Everyone needs some springtime nachos at the ballpark!

He sure worked hard for that treat!!

Sidewalk chalkin.

It's a hold up, y'all!! Give me all your chalk or else!!

We are solidly in the 'terrible twos' stage where Samuel is into everythinggggg.  Like I literally just went to check on him as I was writing this post.. and found him sitting buck naked outside on Wade's lawn mower.  Aye yi yi.  Here he is, hanging onto our car door:

But it's hard to get upset when he is so stinking adorable and has the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen!!  Mischievous little rascal!!

Just doing science experiments on rainy afternoons. I'm up for a lesson any day with these little scientists!!
These babies keep me on my toes.. and it's the only place I want to be. :)

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