Saturday, July 29, 2017

Savannah Turns 8!!

On May 10th, Savannah turned 8 years old!!  Our precious pookie poonyas was another year older and still the apple of our eye.. What a joy it is to be her parents!!

We woke her up bright and early.. 

..along with these three little friends, ha!!

Samuel was super impressed with Vannie's birthday decorations.

I love having the house ready and festive to make a birthday extra special!!

We let her pick one prize to open before getting dressed for her birthday breakfast!!

Sunglasses!!  She had asked for a pair during every one of Andrew's hot and sunny t-ball games.

34 weeks pregnant with my littlest baby and heading out for coffee with my biggest baby!!

A daddy with his only daughter.. there's something super sweet about this pair.

Happy Birthday to the precious one who made me a mom eight years ago!!

My favorite little people.

We met up with a few of our girl friends in our fanciest clothes and had pastries and coffee milk together at Little Cakes.  Be still, my heart.. this is what Mommy dreams are made of!!  Ha!!

Malachi, Jack, Jude, and Adam didn't mind joining in with our girl party!!  Although Malch does look a little confused about why he was there, hahaa!!

Everyone looked so springy and fresh and beautiful!!

I love all of you wonderful women!!  Thank you for loving me and my girl!

Singing Happy Birthday!!

And then everyone told Savannah their favorite thing about her..

Of course, I was a puddle of tears the whole time..

When did these babies turn into such little women?!

Jen found her very first Instagram picture!!  Waaaahh!!

Dates with my only girl are going to be a lifetime delight.. I can already tell.

These two were so happy to be twinning!!

We sure do love all our little friends!!  Thank you all for coming to celebrate with us!!

We went home to open up gifts with the family!!

Vannie was GLOWING with happiness on her birthday!!  It was the sweetest day!!

Thank you, Aunt Mandy and Uncle Kurt!!  She loved these books so much!!

Birthday parties make us ALL so happy!!

Savan was THRILLED about her newwwwww...


Listening for Baby #5!!

Since before Christmas, Savan had asked for a Flip-a-zoo, this stuffed animal thing that changes back and forth to two different creatures.  Finally, we found one we thought she would like..

..and I think it's safe to say she did. 

That night, we had lifegroup over to end out Vannie's big day.

Thanking God for our most beloved daughter!!

And hahaa, Rylie's face here was too good not to post!!

Malch was ready to partyyyyy again!!

I had Savannah look through all of my cookbooks to pick out any cake she wanted.  After perusing through them all, she closed the last book, and said, "I think I want a cookie cake.  The one from Walmart. With all the flowers on it." Ummm, what?! But after asking her a million times about it, I finally realized she wanted a cookie cake with flowers with her name on it.  It's really cute the things that are important to an 8 year old!! I told her we would stop by a special cookie store and she could pick out a cake there.. and this is the one she wanted!!  ((It was supposed to be a pony, but we think the cake decorator was in a hurry and turned him into a llama, hahaha!!))

Landry's sweet homemade card to Vannie that she made all by herself!!

Big Drew was ready for some cake!!  So after burgers and hot dogs..

we sang to Vannie one more time!!

We all love you so much, little girl!!

Andrew and our THREE 8 year olds (for one more month!!) 

Chef Daddy Boy.

Grammie and Baby Adam!!

Thank you all so much for coming!!

Some country girl talk, haha!!
Savannah, I truly feel like I am raising my best girl friend.  You are funny and brilliant and endearing.  You love your brothers and adore your daddy - his side is your favorite place to be.  You are the biggest help to me and I genuinely love our conversations.. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know your sweet heart more everyday!!  Staying home with you, teaching you, spending all of our time together.. it has been a joy beyond anything I've ever know.  It isn't always easy, (we WILL overcome those math facts!! Ha!!) but it is always worth it. You have taught me so much in these past 8 years and I am all the better because of you.  I love you, my little girl.  Happy, happy birthday!!

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