Friday, July 14, 2017

Grant's Trip to the Zoo!!

So, remember how if the kids do their school work without grumbling and complaining, they get a smiley face?? And once they have a chart full of smileys, they get to pick the prize?!  Well, Grant did it, y'all!!  He finished his first chart full of happy faces and picked his reward - lunch at 'Chickalay' followed by a trip to the zoo!!  He knows how to pick 'em!!

But first, here's a picture of my little Indian, haha!!  Costume and props made entirely by himself. ;)

Grant was so happy to finally get his trip to the zoo!!

My brilliant little 3 year old. ;)

4 little monkeys outside the zoo!!

We found this new huge snake thing and of course, they all had to climb in!!

Pahaha, my own cutie little pink flamingo!!

Wade told these 3 to be on the look out for a new species at the zoo.. called "The Slush Puppy," hahaha!!

Ahhhhh, we found it!!  We found it!!

Mighty little hunter.

When we got to the bear exhibit, there were THREE bears out, just walking around and playing together!!  It's so rare to actually see them out, so we parked here and watched awhile.

Our favorite spot at the zoo.. the Acadian house playing Cajun music.  We always have to do a little jig when we go walking through it, ha!! 

And see Andrew?!  Did y'all know that mirror randomly lights up to where you can see inside the glass and there's a possum in there?!

I totally think we should dance to Zydeco music at Vannie's wedding, Wade!!

Playground time.. the kids's favorite spot!

The train trumps everything though.. a trip to the zoo is just not legit unless there is a train ride.

And as a little extra surprise, we stopped and got summertime sno-balls on the way home!!
Good job, little Grant Austin!!  We love our field trips with you.  Keep up the good work!!


  1. Did you see the little
    Baby with the momma monkey?!

    Grant is so sweet!! Glad he finally filled his chart!

  2. Wonderful story , Lissie !!! I love the Slush Puppy !! What a happy Gidly family you have !!! Love, Mom

  3. Yay for fun chart prizes!! We need to come to the zoo again!! We haven't been with y'all in FOREVER!!


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