Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jack Turns 2!!

In April, our littlest next door neighbor turned 2!!

Even Livi from across the street came over to celebrate Jack's birthday!!

We love birthday lunches at Kelli and Troy's!!

The theme was airplanes.. and it was as cute as could be!!

We love the Folses!!  And look at the airplane his momma turned his high chair into!!  ADORABLE!!

Happy second birthday, Jack Jack!!

Enjoying all that icing, haha!!

Jack may be a future pilot.. he is airplanes obsessed!!

Such a cutie.

The new sand pit was quite a hit with this crowd!!

Sweet Jack, you're already looking so grown up. :)

Taking a ride in the plane while the enemy lurks behind.. haha!!
We love you, Jack Jack, and adore the way you call out our names from your back porch!!  Your hugs and "bye shuga" make my day every single time!!  We enjoy watching you grow and adore being your neighbor.  I am praying your little heart desires the things of God from an early age and your life is an eternal testimony of His loving kindness.  Happy birthday, precious boy!!


  1. These pictures are so sweet!!! Sad we missed it 😩


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